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The Beenleigh Sports Club engaged Jacaranda Advisory to review its gaming operation including: fleet, game and denomination mix and room layout to determine the viability of an increase in its gaming installation was warranted. The review including analysed  total costs, any gaming floor layout issues associate with an increase and what EGM’s to purchase. The report concluded that the club had the capacity to increase its installation by 20 EGM’s but recommended that it be undertaken in a 2 stage process of 10 machines per year. This maximised cash flow opportunities and did not trigger a the CIS process.

“We engaged Jacaranda Advisory to undertake a gaming review to confirm or otherwise the clubs plan to increase its installation by 20 EGM’s. Jacaranda examined all aspects of our gaming operation and confirmed that the demand for gaming within the clubs catchment area was robust and growing. It concluded that the area was under machined when benchmarked against similar statistical areas and if it increased its installation it would receive a ‘first to market mover’ advantage. Their logic in  recommending a two staged process was sound and in fact to some extent de-risked the capex spend.

Thank you for providing us with your assistance and assurance during the procedure.”

Perron Sonnex
Secretary Manager

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