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Top 10 Food and Beverage Trends for 2019

Whats Going to be Hot in 2019

Customer Demand will be highly value orientated based on:
Health: fresh, natural, additive free
Polarized: different priorities on value and service
Ethnic: want bold authentic, adventurous meals
Activist: demand proof of transparent, local sustainable practices
Urban: want convenient sophisticated experiences


New relationships are forming between the farms and restaurants which will change the way each supports the other to sustain farming inside their community, ultimately preserving sustainable farms for future generations.


Menus will soon see a large portion of their dishes dedicated to vegetarians and other plant-based dining habits. Dishes are even becoming vegetable focused, with proteins as the accompaniment. Even vegetarian tasting menus are quickly becoming the staple in many accredited establishments.

Steaks are the new Black

For the traditional beef lover, the repertoire of steak selections is expanding. New cuts such as the Vegas Strip steak (from the shoulder area), the merlot cut (from the heel) and the bavette (the bottom part of sirloin) will soon be available.


Poke bowls, ramen bowls, pasta bowls, Buddha bowls, cereal bowls…. the concept has now extended its reach to the point where bowls of all varieties are available all day long, with diners able to select the ones that suit their taste and mood. While bowls usually consist of vegetables, rice and seasoning, some feature chicken, beef, shrimps and even fruits, seeds and yogurt. Key ingredient…………………..they must look good!!


Beige just isn’t going to cut it anymore, especially in this era of making food as ‘Instagrammable’ as possible. Look for bright pops of color on just about every plate coming out of a decent restaurant’s kitchen.


No Cash…………….No Problem ……….were all going cashless

Emerging Beverage Trends

Same, Same but Different……………More craft beer, but no brand loyalty trail
More Than a Coronarita!………………..Beer cocktails
Dress to Impress ……………………..Bright colours and lavish garnishes
Taste Like the Real Thing……………But no alcohol
Need more heads in the door……Less consumption, Hipsters want to indulge but not the hangover

Influencer Marketing

Paid opinion from social media influencers will determine future trends in what Gen Z consumes, when and how often

Innovation, Reach and Efficiency are Critical

Opportunities will emerge in affordable quality with product differentiation and specialisation on the rise. Speed to market and speed to be different is required to remain relevant in today’s market.

It not always about a price point!!

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