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Loyalty Program Review Metrics

Loyalty Audit Program

‘Has your loyalty program provided your club with a competitive advantage that is successful in delivering more to the bottom line?’ Is it working or do things need to change?

Jacaranda Advisory Group, through its Loyalty Audit Program (LAP), can assist your club in developing strategies to support your loyalty program maximise the opportunities available not only in gaming, but all club outlets.

Our LAP program will undertake a full audit of your current loyalty offer, costs and reach. It will review and report on the three basic loyalty program fundamentals:

  1. Has you loyalty program clearly targeted a set of members and configured activities to serve them better?
  2. Does your loyalty program actively encouraged members to repeat their visitation activities?
  3. Are you getting a cumulative advantage from your brands value proposition?

 Key Elements of our Loyalty Audit Program (LAP) include reviewing:

  •  Current strategy
  • Data base integrity
  • Strength of offer
  • Tiering suitability
  • Value of a player
  • Player acquisition methods and costs
  • Suitability and cut through of current communication channels
  • Interaction with other marketing initiatives
  • Next steps

The Jacaranda Loyalty Audit Program is only $2100 + GST.

 What’s the end game?

 Once completed, and if required the Loyalty Audit Program will provide you with a platform to either realign or develop a new loyalty strategy to retain current and attract new members, meet budget allocations and most importantly grow revenue streams while meeting members’ rewards expectations.

Loyalty Strategy Development:  What’s involved?

  • Confirm strategy outcomes on how to:
    • Attract, maintain, grow customer relationships
    • Determine the value of a player
    • Determine ROI and determine is it profit maintenance or profit growth
    • Confirm required changes in player behaviour and expected response activity
    • Align communication channels for better outcomes
    • Implement call to action offers and promotions
    • Determine a relevant reporting methodology

The Jacaranda Loyalty Strategy Development Program is only $2600 + GST. All programs include on site face to face contact with designated manager.

Contact Frank Balzary on 0401 580 833 or Steve Koman on 0419 776 774 for a confidential discussion.

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